Jan 20, 2018

The best applications to convert any sound to write in all languages with ease

In this topic we will look for many applicationsThe are many ways and comprehensive and you can say all roadsTo convert voice to text in all world languages, including Arabic language and sounds classy and professional for these roads.It supports only phones, if you are interested in this matter continued with me today to finish. .

The best applications to convert any sound to write in all languages with ease

Speech To Text
Application featuresIt works with multiple languages such as English and Arabic language and also some other languages that can be discovered through application optionsAlso features this appYou can convert to audio after you send the file to a message or to any email in the form of an email. span>

Speech To Text Notepad This application is receivedPopular Visual retention and high ratings on Google store, for his brilliant, as he works as a notebook in which texts and you also can save the txt file and share it via Bluetooth or social networking sites.The last method we will lookIt you are adding you can install on Google chrome browser and its role is also convert audio to text but more quality and quite easily and I personally use it very easily so I wanted to share with you.

download Speech To Text Notepad

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