Jan 26, 2018

Apple abandon Samsung screens in "iPhone X Plus"

Apple abandon Samsung screens in "iPhone X Plus"

Apple plans to dispense with the OLED displays you purchase from Samsung currently used in X, iPhone, will place screens from LG company.Apple is scheduled to begin use OLED screens made by LG in the forthcoming smart phone is expected to carry the name "iPhone Plus X".And the Financial Times reported that LG company currently provides for Apple LCD-screens for phones Yvonne 8 and Yvonne 8 plus ", but the" screen "X-iPhone OLED provided by Samsung.And expectedApple in 2018 by the first k phone screens, 5.8 inches, two 6.5 inches.And the company is expected to provide more than 15 million LG display screen for the second form.Press reports said that LG is still negotiating with Apple to supply additional amounts of this type of screens.The company provides sources predicted that OLED screens to 5.8-inch model too.Apple's plan is a victory for LG Corporation in the long term with rival Samsung in a marketDisplays.The two Koreas were lifted the southerners, LG, Samsung, lawsuits against each other several times, including mutual accusations of stealing technology OLED displays and LCD.

Apple abandon Samsung screens in "iPhone X Plus"

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