Jan 29, 2018

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Bitcoin is losing more than 3% on the verge of incurring his first loss in three days by weak demand.

Bitcoin is losing more than 3% on the verge of incurring his first loss in three days by weak demand
Digital currency prices retreated hood more than 3% instant transactions on Monday about incurring the first loss in three days by weak demand, and renewed concerns about restrictions on digital Exchange in South Korea, and the British Prime Minister's remarks about the need to impose Restrictions on currency coins.Bursa btstamb 09:25 clock by Greenwich digital currency traded around configuration $11280 a decrease of approximately 3.5% $405, where the opening price at $11685, the highest level at $11820 and the lowest price at $11120.Hood prices achieved on Sunday increased by 2.1% in the second daily gain, respectively, over the last week prices rose by 1%, in the first weekly gain in three weeks, in the recovery operations at the lowest level in about two months.In South Korea, which is the largest digital currency exchange centers in the world, where it acquires more than 20% of those exchanges, financial authorities continue to impose restrictions and regulatory action, to eliminate illegal acts by default exchange encrypted.On the sidelines of the Davos Economic Forum, the British Government Minister Theresa may said her country would consider restrictions on transactions under the hood, especially with mounting concerns about use in bleaching of funds, tax evasion, drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

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