Jan 26, 2018

China builds a complex artificial intelligence research

China builds a complex artificial intelligence research

 The official Xinhua news agency Xinhua that Beijing plans to build artificial intelligence research complex worth 13.8 billion yuan (2.12 billion dollars) in the West of the capital, under the country's bid to achieveAmbitious global leadership in this area by the year 2025.Xinhua quoted a report of the mintokoh district authorities that the complex will feature up to 400 yearly production company up to 50 billion yuan.Chonghkwanghson group for the development of the project developer will look for partnerships with foreign universities and build a laboratory for artificial intelligence "at the local level" in the region.It was not possible to reach the chonghkwanghswan development group officials and representatives from the mintokoh district for comment.China's plan to develop artificial intelligence sector amid rising tensions between Beijing and Washington on competitive applications of artificial intelligence in military technology.He said the State Council (the Chinese Government) to China seeking to enhance the local industry in the sector to more than 150 billion yuan by the year 2020 and 400 billion yuan by the year 2025.And locally, China unveiled a series of plans to support competencies and investments and research in the private sector and urged public and private companies and military companies to cooperate on achievingNational goals for artificial intelligence cited in roadmapThe stated development in 2017.BFA report said Wednesday that the new complex artificial intelligence research would focus on attracting companies engaged in data and dynamic detection and education in depthAnd cloud computing.

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