Jan 25, 2018

Expel first robot works as an employee in the marketCommercial!

Expel first robot works as an employee in the marketCommercial!

Robotics technology spread rapidly over recent years, many are betting on these devices to do a lot of business that were previouslyLimited only to humans, is controversial among specialists, especially with growing fears of crowding out robots for humans in their professions and thus increasing unemployment.And the British media and world robot "Fabio" is the first robot who works in a marketBusiness in the United Kingdom and exactly in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, where it was "kicked out" robot Fabio which was dedicated to receiving and directing customers within a few days of employment in this marketDuring the pilot period.The media indicated that Android Fabio is part of a scientific program of partnership between haeah the BBC and herut-Watt University in Scotland to see how the ability of robots to integrate in the middle and get jobs that are reserved for a human, but the results were reversed Outlook decided to marketThe trade works out Fabio suspended.This comes as responsible for marketDue to integration of robot airspace where Fabio it scares customers, as he often does not answer the questions, so he could not differentiateAmong the questions directed to him and the sounds around him by people around him, as he still directing buyers correctly but gives guidance in General plus the speed much less than the speed of humans and therefore the ability very limited movement.

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