Jan 20, 2018

how to get free domain for your website 🌐🌐🌐 .tk/.ga/.ml

how to get free domain for your website 🌐🌐🌐 .tk/.ga/.ml

How to get free domain and link it to your blog blogger: in this post I explain how to get free domain for Blogger blog linked to upgrade account AdSense from hosted to normal and to get code from Blogger hosting that has negative aspects for archiving threads in search engines, we won't say Negative aspects in the sense it's bad or anything but the best linked blog hosting for what?.First the negative aspects of blogger hosting is that link varies from one country to another so that each country has become a link for example visit from 30 countries are divided as to visit each link for example: this is the link test.blogspot.com regular visit from country Italy test.blogspot, it from France test.blogspot.fr from Saudi Arabia Test.blogspot.ae here the problem is that the link has become many links and this makes threads don't ttarshav quickly by the search engines and your blog is not allowed to climbSearch engines for that here instead of count 3 visits to just one visit became a single link for each link on the host blogger is fixed we come to your domain if you include these visits we find three visits to fixed single link unlike blogger hosting these details are important for climbingSearch engines for your blog and reduce your ranking on Alexa, and there are many important details I will describe each one individually in the next posts.

site linkin free domian

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