Jan 26, 2018

New property in snapchat targeted to non-subscribers

New property in snapchat targeted to non-subscribers

Site snapchat for social networking that is launchingNew feature allows users to share your publications with friends and family members not involved in the application.The company is trying to attract more users and added features designed to increase the time spent by users on the app.The company said that the number of active users reached 178 million people per day in the third quarter which ended on September 30 and is less than expected.The company said it would be the application usersParticipation of official publications or profile or search publications via a link will be available on the website snapchat.According to Reuters, said the appWhich letters disappear after seconds of read, that the publications Search publications and messages will be available on the website for 30 days while official publications disappear after 24 hours.The application has been updatedSnape chat last November to simplify browsing after complaints about the difficulty of use.

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