Jan 27, 2018

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What is the USB Debugging property and discover its importance and why don't you have activated on your phone.

If you are a user of Android you have surely passed the term USB Debugging, but might have been used to make some adjustments on your own without knowing what this property and influence in shaping and molding process on your phone, so in the following article you will learn what the option USB Debugging , why not recommended to activate it.

What are the USB Debugging property and discover its importance and why don't you have activated in your phone.

What is USB Debugging pattern: a pattern can be activated in the Android system when connected directly to the computer via USB interface, and the primary role of this pattern is to facilitate communication between the working phone system Android and PC using the Android system development package or known as Android SDK. As you can see from its name, the Android SDK is a software package designed to facilitate the development of Android applications and systems, as its name suggests is correct for USB slot allow for tracking BUGS and try to fix it, so that the USB option we can track application errors and system errors. How to activate the option USB Debugging: to activate option continued the following picture annotation applies Android 4.2 and aboveAnd earlier in the same way: on Android 4.2 and aboveDeveloper options are correct the USB was hidden and you must first demonstration that in Android 4.0 and the aboveThe correct option is USB Developer options down. First: you need to activate the developer options menu to activate it, follow these steps: open the settings and then scroll down and click on the phone about phone and search for buried number and press it several times and it will show you a message telling you the number of remaining strokes to get developer powers upon completion will show you "I've become a developer you now are" developer "

What are the USB Debugging property and discover its importance and why don't you have activated in your phone.Now go back to settings and you will find a list of developer options have appeared to you and you can activate a property easily by following the following images:
What are the USB Debugging property and discover its importance and why don't you have activated in your phone.

USB Debugging option importance:
1. the most used style USB Debugging is root, which you can access to superuser powers or what is known as Super User of your phone where you can install Android system rate if you want access to hidden system files and even remove the preinstalled applications with device which touched previously and you can return to it from here.
2. as you can install applications, restart your phone and do many things other kindred without touching your phone even if the screen is closed.
3. as this property enables you to install the Android system rate and cooked and again on your phone.
4. and many many other Options such as setting a password for the backup operation, set up a fake GPS location to place your phone, display the wizard processes screen.

Now we can identify why not do it in Android phones unless it is absolutely necessary: 

many of us develop a password on his phone and thinks that no one can access the data, and this is a big mistake, as there is now a lot of techniques that help to access this data from By deleting this code quite easily, but there is a bigger mistake and is activating property and Debugging USB feature in smartphones, so that this feature enables to obtain powers of using one of these programs like Jurassic un android introduction, it can delete any password no matter how complicated and To any phone running Android through only one condition is activate Debugging USB feature of your phone Developer settings, therefore advised not to activate them only when absolutely necessary and you must disable it now so no one could remove the password without having to delete your data and it gets c All your information like photos and social networking accounts and so on. Despite the advantages and benefits of property, it is always recommended to non-activated unless absolutely necessary, Yes is useful in case you lose your password so that you can restore them, but if compare to waste your data due to non-activated or your data, photos, and all respected the hands of one of the robbers. I hope this post son hatpin us you are motivational to give back to you.

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