Jan 24, 2018

Learn about all the great features that come with the applicationWhatsApp loatsab new Business

A few days ago Facebook application owners corporationRequests via whatsapp launchTtabikgdid under the name of WhatsApp Business, and his name is going to appDedicated primarily to business owners and companies in order to facilitate correspondence between them and users, the applicationCome after him hopefully features and great extras you will learn in this post.

Learn about all the great features that come with the applicationWhatsApp loatsab new Business

1. categories through this feature you can add every customer for a particular item and it will help you greatly in your order, for example, you can categorize customers, new orders, outstanding, payment was made.You can also add your own categories and add anyone you just prolonged pressure pressure on it and then select the icon labels.

2. application statisticsCome up with a new option called the statistics from which you can see the number of messages that have been read and unread messages and outgoing messages and other information that will benefit the employer in organizing messages over the applicationNormal.

3. profile of course from the option name you would know that a file from which the user can know all the information on their knowledge about the company, living up to its name and rated and commercial-based place, times, and work schedules and such website, email, etc.

4. alerts through this option will enable users to receive automatic message if they contact us in time off work, just like the emails you receive in case a company wrote at the time.

5. welcome messages you can also designate specific welcome message will be sent automatically by design to anyone writing a letter, she just a user thanks greetings to send the letter and know the services provided by the company and etc.

6. the rapid responses of course companies receive many faqs, instead of typing the same answer to the same question dozens of repeat users, you can set your quick responses and send it by clicking on '/' on your keyboard and you will receive all the replies you set all you have to do is choose the Appropriate for the question.

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