Jan 29, 2018

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Yagi 2.4GHz 25dbi WiFi RP-SMA Antenna For Wireless Router Outdoor

Yagi 2.4GHz 25dbi WiFi RP-SMA Antenna For Wireless Router Outdoor

Caliber used by the hacker to penetrateDifferent types of networks and the work of all sorts of different attacks to block connect or disconnect all callers or even break passwords networks or alrotrat.
I personally liked this kind of reasonable size.This semi-alantina guideline that you guide in a particular direction let on your right, for example, you'll find it's the distillation of all networks in that direction and strongly is very reasonable.But why you guiding alantina to another particular network Antena or router somewhere inside your neighbor or even enough just so that you know where the router at your neighbors House only catch alantina in your hand and you're out in the open and direct to home and intelligent moving left and right and up and down until you get to the net. The results will never expect you'll get a very strong signal to be next to my router.

2.4GHz 25dbi WiFi RP-SMA Antenna For Wireless Router Outdoor Standard: IEEE802.11b,IEEE802.11g,IEEE802.11n  

Specifications: 1.Frequency: 2400--2500MHz   2.VSWR: 1.8:1max    3.Gain: 25dBi       4.Polarization Type: Linear Vertical       5.Rated Power: 30W      6.Input Impedance: 50 Ohms nominal       7.Dimensions: 44.4cm*6.8cm*1.6cm         8.Cable Type        9.Length:1.5M     10.Connector Type:RP-SMA     11.Install the Way:Adsorption             12.Weight of Antenna:230g Package including: 1 x 25dbi rp-sma Antenna

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