Feb 23, 2018

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Are cell phone use harmful to health? And provokes cause cancer?

It's fine... Are there risks or not? This is the question that fills the global scientific community in the past decades with regard to the effects of radio waves (RF) cellular device users health. According to Emily van Deventer, Programme Director of the radiation parameters of public health and the environment and the health of the World Health Organization, the uncertainty in radiation risk also extends to persons close to the communication towers or Wi-Fi distribution points. Unfortunately, the question posed in the introduction text is still far from the specific answer. But recently the United States decided to take another step towards solving this puzzle.

Are cell phone use harmful to health? And provokes cause cancer?

In early February, North American entities related to the health field in a press conference the results of the study on the consequences of the radio frequency waves in cell phone this search took10 years, been through the National Toxicology program has included experiments on 3 thousands of rats and pigs, and total investments of $25 million.

Are cell phone use harmful to health? And provokes cause cancer?
During a conversation with reporters, John Bucher, the chief scientist involved in the project since the beginning, reviews experiments carefully, because the research was based on rodents and humans. John confirmed that the results show that this radiation increases the chances of tumors, causing damage to the genetic resources and loss of body weight. It was as a result of this initiative in male rats that got the tumors in nearby nerves to the heart. On the other hand, the second group of rodents analyzed any symptoms when exposed to radio frequency waves. Boucher told the Washington Post: "at this point, I don't feel that we are able to understand enough about the results to give much confidence."And complements the world speech by saying that he didn't change his relationship with the use of a cell phone, so I checked the notes, could be the catalyst for weak cancer radiation. On the same day of the Conference, the National Toxicology Program presented a preliminary report to the community for comment. A scientific experiment.Is due to review the content of the external experts from 26 to 28 March.

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