Feb 16, 2018

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Download now famous game "PUBG" on your Smartphone

Electronic games today have become an integral part of our daily lives.The world lives big fast technological revolution and the vast amount of scientific innovation.Electronic gaming world within this development as the latter saw significant progress and remarkable in recent years and know this versatile and memorable games, no doubt that Smartphones have a substantial share in this marketAnd trying to launch businessesSpecial games with these devices in order to reach a new segment of players.

Download now famous game "PUBG" on your Smartphone

If you are a fan ofGames, they certainly heard about the game "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" colloquially known as bPUBG. this game first issued on the computer before moving to other platforms.Of course this game have millions of players around the world, and the survival game from third person perspective requires you to be last to stay alive against a group of opponents.

Download now famous game "PUBG" on your Smartphone

So much success game, which has sold over a million copies during the sixteen days of issuance, and now millions of players in the world playing this game.

Download now famous game "PUBG" on your Smartphone

In order to reach a new segment of users,Smart phones version, available for IOS and Android system, but unfortunately currently exclusive to China.But yet you can download it now for free and try it out on your computer through downloaded at the following links:

Download iPhone you first need to create an account August Stor.

For download for Android you can click here to download the apk file external

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