Jun 13, 2018

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Download now the fastest version of Opera browser (faster than Firefox b38%)

Download now the fastest version of Opera browser (faster than Firefox b38%)

Who hasn't heard of the Opera browser, this browser which succeeded in leaving his imprint in the world of browsers, Opera is among the ancient browsers on the Internet first emerged years 1995 and since then constantly developed and has many loyal users around the world. It also matched the new browser evolution And dramatically, making it an option for many users.

Well know that Opera is trying all waysAttract more users to the browser either on the desktop or mobile phones and tablets.That's the best way to do that is to develop the browser to be much faster than the rest of the browsers compete, and that's exactly what was done by the company in the new version number 51, announced in recent weeks and made available for download to everyone.The company has improved browser performance and become faster by about 38% of the browser from the latest version of the Firefox browser.The browser also comes with many features that each browser to search the Internet as merged Ads Blocker who helped shorten site pages load ratios are very important, and the VPN feature that is integrated into the browser since old copies.

As there are new and innovative features, such as jump to top of page or return to the place you're visiting on any page, this is a very important feature when browsing pages long, you just click on the page title on altboibh will jump to the top of the page and another click you can refer to a place. Are you in it so you can continue reading or explore content. There are many other features that I'll let you discover it yourself.

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