Feb 23, 2018

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New method of charging wireless phones smart laser

New method of charging wireless phones smart laser

Smart phones batteries problem is one of the problems faced by all users, and further aggravated by intensive use of these devices, but a group of researchers recently succeeded in creating a new mechanism to ship these phones wirelessly.Although the Wireless charging is available in a number of smartphones but it requires direct contact between Smartphone and ham-radio was shipping platform, but the new method developed by researchers from the University of Washington're Americans depend on shipping by a device calledLaser beam ensure your phone battery power.
New method of charging wireless phones smart laser
In addition, the Smartphone is equipped with aluminum plate is installed in the back for cooling and protecting the phone from heat, the device is equipped with a laser reflector to stop his streak if someone through a private path, the device can broadcast truck rays between 4 and 1 2 meters and transmits a shipment up to 2 Watts.

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