Technical problem on iPhone X

A number of noted recent press reports quoting a group of users in the forums and social networking sites face a technical problem at the level of the new phones of type X, this technical problem iPhone not allowed to answer incoming calls.

Technical problem on iPhone X

According to popular news, a number of users of mobile phones Apple iPhone new X suffer from the problem of not being able to answer incoming calls, which was confirmed by the media including the newspaper "financial times" citing users, so that in some cases the screen is lit after Beginning of the incoming connection to between 6 and 10 seconds and therefore users cannot answer.
In other cases, the phone is ringing but without the illuminated screen so it becomes impossible to answer the call, the newspaper pointed out that the number of users who experience this problem is still relatively small as not exceeding 800 authorized cases, but the number is still increasing with the rising number of alshka Wii in the competent forums.

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