Feb 28, 2018

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Warning! hurried torrent update to the latest version before you regret it and exposed to hack

As new reports cyber security experts confirmed the existence of very serious gaps in the program "uTorrent" and used by people downloading files and Google Group experts said Project Zero and programming specialist to copy torrent on computers operating Windows systems all have Certain code loopholes and blades can be exploited by hackers and Internet hackers, those loopholes enabling them to access the videos that users download and watch them and know the dates uploaded.

Warning! hurried torrent update to the latest version before you regret it and exposed to hack

Researchers have discovered that critical errors in two versions of the applicationUTorrent and this is a big danger to millions of users for the program on a daily basis, is the most widely used uTorrent program. However, alerted by a parent site to serious security issue and at the same time, according to a report torntfrik, the torrent has put correction in the latest version of the program, according to an official statement where he said one of the representatives of the company: "we have full repair and is available in the latest version in this week and will begin to Delivered and updated version will be available for download for users and will be updating all copies with the fix automatically during the following days.It is not clear whether the attacker might use the hackHowever, it will takeOnly one visit to a Web site targeted to move hackIn order to stay safe, users can either disable uTorrent right now or upgrade to the latest version

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