Feb 5, 2018

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Why you should delete the Flash Player program on your computer now!

As we all know is among the most powerful waysTechnical and technology protection is awareness, and with the continuous development of methodsAnd intrusion methodsYou must always be attentive to all new in this area, as well as careful to follow some steps necessary to protect your computer from intrusionIncluding software update, not to download from unknown sources. Etc.

Why you should delete the Flash Player program on your computer now!

In this post you will learn together on new and dangerous gap on Flash.Rich software Flash about the definition, is a program from Adobe, and is considered the most severe security holes, and caused the breachMany of the computers and devices in recent years.Because of security weaknesses, was abandoned by many companies including Google, Mozilla, and even Microsoft. Alternative may appear safer.But though there still uses this program.Recently a new vulnerability has been discovered in this program even existed in the latest version of the program and allow the hacker that controls your computer remotely and spread a fake Excel file into a Flash file in it according to warn Adobe, this vulnerability exists in versions for Apple Mac computers supplier. With Linux and chrome OS as well as Windows.To protect your device, it is recommended that you uninstall Flash Player, and it does not open any questionable Office documents on your device.

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