Feb 25, 2018

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You must take these factors into consideration before you buy your next Smartphone in the year 2018

You must take these factors into consideration before you buy your next Smartphone in the year 2018

Smart phones have become essential that is no longer possible to do without them and everyone from different nationalities and social groups have smart phones, though it varies in terms of the value and power of the phone.Because of the big competition between companies producing smart phones has become difficult to differentiateBetween what is appropriate for your needs and what is not appropriate and located in great perplexity, I introduce to you today through next lines some factors you should take into consideration if you want to buy a phone through the year 2018 to be suitable for your needs

The speed : that you're a fan of fast phones it system (iOS) for iPhone is the best option, either regarding the Android system phones are more versatile in terms of specs and prices as well as the ability to change the shape of the phone interface into any shape you like.

The size of the phone : is now a 6 inch screen phones are the best phones for loversGames and entertainment, medium-sized screen phones are best suited for those who want to control the phone easily with just one hand.But you must take into account the thickness of the phone with size whether it fits the size of the Palm of the hand.

Screen : for optimal screen resolution, minimum must at least 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) which is available in medium category phones mostly either top tier phones must be QHD screen resolution.

The battery : should not be less than the least 3000mAh battery capacity which has become available in the majority of Android system phones, and if possible get a larger battery, the better.

Processor : get powerful Wizard of snabdragon type of issue 600 and aboveWill ensure you get the entertainment experience in terms of games or eco hand and which are the most important things that you must consider when choosing the treatment best suited for you.

Memory : internal memory of 16 GB size become past and don't fit this time so you should choose a phone no less internal memory of 32 GB and best to be supportive of internal memory.

camera : The most important features of the youth focus phones of today are the camera, doesn't matter here the number of pixels for the camera but more important is the size of the aperture, the more broadly the more light the lens and therefore better quality photography.

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