Mar 26, 2018

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The best Linux distro for building strong firewall free

The best Linux distro for building strong firewall free

Linux or GNU/Linux (rather), a computer operating system or open source operating system kernel developed by thousands of developers and programmers around the world.This system could ably demonstrate how powerful all the other systems and the evidence for that use in a wide range of platforms from giant servers to home computers and mobile devices, working on user interfaces have evolved to support all languages of the world.GNU Linux, as everyone knows, is adaptable to the needs of the people and even companies and global organizations. the most important features of Linux is diverse and numerous measurements, each of which contains tools helps to do something specific in a specific area, there is a matter of penetration testingAnd there's that interested balsirvorat as there are concerned with criminal search, etc.Today you will learn how to distribute "pfSense" which is a free open source firewall Web interface.Of course this firewall has many features that exist in major protection and all these free features!

The best Linux distro for building strong firewall free

The biggest highlight of this firewall having too many tools to diagnose malfunctions and can download IP free to add other services.Among the services we offer you these services like DNS, DHCP distribution, VPN, Load balancing.

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