Mar 31, 2018

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Word comes down a thunderbolt Payza electronic banking users were quick to recover your money.

Word comes down a thunderbolt Payza electronic banking users were quick to recover your money.

Recently the famous electronic arrest "Payza" after long years of transaction terms and then capture its founders fraternal Feroz Patel 43 year old and "verhan the grave of 37 year-old Patel, who live in Montreal Quebec and have drawn a federal jury in the District of Colombia Contributions to the company and arrested on charges of fraud and money laundering in unauthorized trades was worth 250 million dollars in 2012.The lawyers made the announcement, American "Jesse k.Leo "and" Patrick j.Likhlitnr "and are responsible for homeland security investigations for immigration and customs enforcement in Washington, DC.As that money transfer company you transfer money on behalf of users bye means, including electronic transfers to locations within the United States or abroad, most States penalizing exchange money transfer business without a license as a misdemeanor or felony and failing to get To license these jurisdictions is a federal criminal offense.Under the law of the province of Colombia, kaigb money transfer companies to obtain a license from the Office of the Superintendent of banking and financial institutions in the District of Colombia, and was not a felony official document quoted by us Justice website brothers face up to more than 25 years with j Particular users or those affected by their frightened of illegal transactions of the company has been dedicated a special email to receive complaints and examine their cases within 5 days by sending full name via email:


Link to official website: victim witness assistanc 
official document: justice

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