Apr 2, 2018

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download Hekasoft program Backup & Restore for free 

download Hekasoft program Backup & Restore for free

this program is Free and useful new software which will provide many important functions necessary for all users and computers, if you are interested and lovers using new computer software continued this post to identify it and download it and try it yourself.

This program is a very simple software but it will give you great benefit in case you people who want to change their computer monitor from time to time, so that the task of this program is to save a copy of all information and reserve data that resides within browsers which are Use it on your computer, in which case you will be able to do in retrieved whenever you want without having to fear of loss or search again.The highlight of this program is to support a large number of browsers which are known in ghastkhdamh as much by computer users as it provides you with all this evidence file protection feature with a password and this is additional protection for your personal data, not to mention that this program plain and simple in dealing

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