Apr 12, 2018

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 Surprise: Facebook will be driven soon confirmed by site administrators regular Zuckerberg mark

Surprise: Facebook will be driven soon confirmed by site administrators regular Zuckerberg mark

She said the ceo of Facebook's Sandberg heryl company operations in one of the interviews on NBC Channel, that users who don't want to share their personal data on the site to pay for the use of Facebook, where they will have the other some advanced settings that will allow them With full control of their accounts, and prevent treat Facebook with their data.And the remarks coinciding with Mark Zuckerberg parking in front of the U.S. Senate and make his beshhad after a data leak scandal 87 million users Facebook for Cambridge firm Analytica.Mark Zuckerberg participated with future ideas interesting and described how to turn Facebook into a platform.And Senator Orrin Hatch has betzekirmark Zuckerberg to a first visit to the US Congress Council in 2010, and the promise to keep Facebook as a free service, and sent him a question: "do you still have that position?" and the answer to that question Mark Zuckerberg said he always o There is a free version of Facebook will be available to everyone.He added: Facebook's mission will always connect people with each other, and make the world a small village.And according to Zuckerberg in addition to other statements the company managers actually confirmed that Facebook is preparing to launch a paid version soon will be available along with the free version, the latter would work on very limited will not allow some existing features on Facebook only after payment Utilize.

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