Apr 8, 2018

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If you used any Chinese phone it would soon with this virus so you can get rid of it

If you used any Chinese phone it would soon with this virus so you can get rid of it

Undisputable technological Chinese companies became seizes on labour marketSmart phones thanks to the large number of factors, notably high-spec smart phones that run Android systems and low prices which were the main reason behind the large turnout on these smart phones, but recently a large number of Chinese companies Criticism by some as offensive campaign of giants like Samsung and Apple to discredit these companies, but the other saw this criticism from another corner as realistic because of its impact on the users of these smartphones.Among the criticisms that have been confirmed by many security researchers in the field of protection of DEWA is a virus installed by default on the smart phones of many Chinese companies, notably the shaumi company, Huawei, Honore, OBO, Samsung only in some versions, The criticism comes after the results by a group of researchers as RottenSys virus confirmed that appears first in the form of recently applications installed by default in Android phone which is often Wi-Fi network management applications or Internet resources consumption economy in your phone Android, But through the findings of a large number of security researchers is that this virus could wake him up through this connection hidden applications in which anonymous group servers and across this appOnly accessible to a large number of tools in the Android phone to gain complete control over the diversion of all large and small information such as pictures, videos, your own data, but is currently being used to open a collection of stained glass window in the browser Google chrome on Android phone which appears in some commercials. Pornography, where through these groups can achieveSignificant financial gains through pay-per-click Services.

If you used any Chinese phone it would soon with this virus so you can get rid of it

To summarize this experts advise to change the default operating system in another system and phone users in other phones do not suffer from the same problem, you can delete some of the applications that are due in this command and you find her name as follows:

  1. com.android.services.securewifi
  2. com.android.yellowcalendarz
  3. com.system.service.zdsgtcom.changmi.launcher

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