Apr 8, 2018

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Cyber attack on Iran and several States left with an American flag on computer screens products

Cyberattack on Iran and several States left with American flag on computer screens products

She said the Ministry of communications in Iran that a group of hackers attacked several countries including Iran in data centers and they put a picture of the American flag on the screens of computers that have been compromised leaving a message is a warning written here "don't mess with our elections."The statement said the attack damaged contact companies that offer Internet services, causing disconnect network subscribers, this attack occurred due to weakness in the router by Cisco, this company had been released earlier. Rodeo, which offers solutions on this matter, however, some companies do not load because of the Iranian new year holiday. Minister of communications and information technology published his account in Twitter pictures of some of the compromised computer screens, and it had the American flag and the message they left hackers, he is unknown yet who is behind this attack. Iranian State television has said that the attack had an impact on Europe, China and India and the United States, with approximately 55 thousand penetrative apparatus in the United States and 14 a device in China, the device was hacked in Iran 2%.

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