Apr 2, 2018

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Surprising.. Google short links service stops permanently goo.gl

Surprising.. Google short links service stops permanently goo.gl

Sure you use more than one URL shortener links shortening service, goo.gl service, however, considered one of the most popular tools shorten URL addresses online, but this service will expire next year.It has been confirmed that Google would abandon this service permanently.No talksharkh Google causes this shutdown.But it can be assumed she wasn't this service successful or are no longer considered necessary.But this would be honest, and all users who create shortcuts with this service from continuing to use these links until one year after closing.In addition, there is a possibility that .gl goo data is exported.In the meantime the US company offers suggestions for other pages that users can use to shorten the URL addresses.These options are Bitly or Ow.ly or Firebase.Almost ten years have passed since Google launched this service.But she doubts regarding the decision to finish this project.What was announced as a surprise last night.The question remains what happened to Google even paid to make that decision?

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