Apr 2, 2018

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Learn who owns the Internet!

Learn who owns the Internet!

Internet, informational global revolution has moved from being just a military network analyst in Laboratory the Pentagon in California, to engage collected billions of people around the world, and created markets and assemblies, the Internet is a great innovation and invention shows how good the human mind and his creativity, and believe me, dear reader, no matter what we wrote and without us and we discussed about this network that linked me now and our article quoted to you, it will be shortened in its right and overcook! But is skulk and asked yourself, who owns the Internet? Because of the acquisition, as life is linked, are you now posses in your daily life purposes and the device that read from an article today, dear reader, you learn about the answer to this question. At first, the Internet is not just something that can be owned by any company or organization, but just an enormous number of connected networks that many companies and organizations 45.50, in addition to a number of regulatory agencies and service master key aspect of the Internet and other networks in the event of any p Tal. The Internet is a decentralized network in many parts and places where, if you are thinking of the Web as a single thing, no one owns it, it's not personal property due to one of the sides, where there are overlapping organizations parties are outlining Internet structure and how it works, but Here you don't own the rightsControl the network, nor does it have any Government or State rightsOwning the Internet. The Internet system, such as telephone systems, nobody owns it.

But there is licensed organizations have the ability to structure and regulation of the Internet, and most famously based in California and is a private organization, distribution, and management of IP addresses and domain names and websites around the world, as having the capacity to manage network resources and distribution of countries and regionsGEO, you can register a domain nameOr domain, in short, your country, for example (. Morocco (Ma). Sa) for Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, control also America Online thanks to the advancement of their companies in this area, companies like Google and facebook and Microsoft and the rest of the senior corporate giants are actually control manages processes and Internet content, fagogl for example control the most searches, Microsoft running Most of the world's computers, and YouTube automatically archive illustrated history of mankind, and Facebook and Twitter have personal information invaluable global intelligence collected and collected, most of these companies offer email services or cloud storage which means that even individual communications and information Profile of the peoples of the world are stored automatically in the great United States! As a summary, more precisely, no one owns the Internet, but on the other hand there are your contacts are controlled and structured!

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