Apr 8, 2018

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A new tool from Microsoft to run Linux OS beside Windows 10

A new tool from Microsoft to run Linux OS beside Windows 10

The precedent of a kind technology, Microsoft has recently published a report on its website refers to the development of a new tool for users of Windows 10 so they can run Linux distributions normally like you would use a program installed in Windows NT reverse earlier where you must install system Linux beside Windows NT as you could not previously use both systems at the same time, but through this official Microsoft confirmed that communication soon can use this tool and run Windows NT and any Linux distro at the same time and all this on a computer with a normal specifications.According to the same source, putting this tool officially on Windows systems may take 10A long time, that's why I wanted to share this tool exclusively before formal publication in the NT 10 through one of the open source projects in Github Forum.To download all this tool you must go to the following link:

Microsoft DistroLauncher download her

After entering this link you can download all this tool kits so you can run on your Windows computer, you can also follow the method of tthbithha and its use in computer via the same explanation page.

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