Apr 8, 2018

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ShortKeeper: Automating regular tasks using keyboard shortcuts

ShortKeeper: Automating regular tasks using keyboard shortcuts

There are two categories of computer users, the first type is based on the mouse over anything else at all functions performed on his computer, the second type is based on the keyboard shortcuts used to speed up tasks and perform many operations in record time.The latter is the one who will think him this post today.In this topic you will learn special tool ShortKeeper which is about keyboard shortcuts Manager to automate regular tasks.This tool allows you to do many routine tasks your computer through keyboard shortcuts, for example, where you can open the Web page or document, insert text or save or run any program quickly.

ShortKeeper: Automating regular tasks using keyboard shortcuts

Of course, this tool allows you to modify and delete any shortcut, this is the differenceBetween "ShortKeeper" and other similar programs you will find on the Internet.
To create shortcuts, the program includes a statute "AutoHotkey", making it easier to create shortcuts for common tasks.By accessing the user interface, you will notice that it is divided into three tabs.We will focus on the shortcuts tab containing three paintings: in the section on the left, the command will be listed to set hotkeys (open document, copy the text, paste, Saving, etc.).

ShortKeeper: Automating regular tasks using keyboard shortcuts

In the middle section, you define an action or shortcut key (linked to it).For example, if you choose to run the Web page in it, will determine the website's settings will open.In the left pane of the interface, you will see the results of the procedure.There are no restrictions for adding quick access to common tasks.The only limitation you'll find is in command options, because you won't be able to add it manually.

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