Apr 2, 2018

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Learn about technology that enabled Stephen Hawking to communicate and speak

Learn about technology that enabled Stephen Hawking to communicate and speak

Stephen Hawking is an English theoretical physicist, known for his contributions to science, but best known for the story of his struggle with deadly disease that hit him, so he shot his youthful spring spring muscle deficiencies which make seats along his travels in a wheelchair and then cancerous infection in alhangsh lose. Ability to speak and speak, it has alreadyFor you dear reader you've seen one photo sitting in a wheelchair in front of a screen from him, in this article you will learn advanced technology designed by Intel Corporation engineers and that enabled hawking from talking and communicating, and even issuing scientific research and writing books which topped more sales in the world!
Fame encouraged hawking the finest scientific minds worldwide to collaborate with him on solving problems associated with the use of communication technologies to communicate using incremental and alternative communication system is still slow and requires effort from the user, was hawking realizes his concessions available equipment and social support To use this technology in talking and communicating with others, where he met the founder of Intel for the first time in the Conference in 1997, note the latter having AMD processor in a computer hawking that it uses to communicate, and asked him if he would prefer real computers with a processor Intel Developer.Since that time, the company provides the average computers Stephen Hawking and specially produced, replaced every two years.To match the growing weakness in the muscles of hawking that it came to hawking's inability to move the cheeks or his eyes with the same speed and device technology is no longer able to keep up with slowdowns in receiving orders from him, at that point, she quickly wrote it down to just one word per minute, What made it more difficult to communicate than ever.

Learn about technology that enabled Stephen Hawking to communicate and speak

And this technology is divided into three main parts, the first consisting of appropriate information technology based on infrared sensor installed in his spectacles and more precise monitoringTransactions for cheek, the second part involves using configuration information from the infrared sensor and this part is an electronic keyboard appear on a Tablet PC is installed on the arm of a wheelchair and works through the same Chair battery, this task He moves the cursor as the mouse pointer on the keyboard in a survey on the vertical or horizontal paths on the screen, and when you reach the desired word is hawking off indicator light jerk of his cheek, as specific characters can be selected in the same way to form words and phrases and can control orders Windows the same way, it is in this way does not write words and sentences characters as many think,The program has been included several automatic commands that predict words or phrases used by hawking down as the program also show floor required after you know the first letter from her except to correct spelling mistakes and all the things that make it easier and save time, part The third is the easiest part is almost pronunciation specialistFor this purpose use the words generator hawking pronounceCompleted specific accents phrases selected by hawking himself and asked the company to make the device speaks the truth and his voice is the voice of his wife and daughter's voice, as he allowed the device to perform many tasks in addition to pronunciationSuch as checking email, surfing the Internet and take some notes and use Skype to talk with his friends.

Intel Corporation has allocated a teamIntegrated engineers only work to develop and improve this system more and provide many functions for fear of worsening his health more generally, this technique is called Advanced Audio Coding System.The following video demonstrates how to deal with the evolving machine Steven expected Chair is displayed with this technology provider and Hocking up for auction in the coming months, so we can only wait to see who's going to step up to buy it.

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