May 8, 2018

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After a day when attachedYour computer slow or just press this shortcut and will solve the problem

After a day when attachedYour computer slow or just press this shortcut and will solve the problem

Attn offers hundreds of commands that you can use it through the keyboard, and that allows us to interact and cope easily with the operating system, so it is faster than using the mouse.And among those orders one will allow us to restart our own graphics card drivers if a commentThe computer.When the personal computer, choose usually restart it by force or by pressing the stop button.However, we do not have to do this and we can solve our problems is much simpler.To restart our own graphics card drivers or your video card, just press the shortcut Win Ctrl Shift B.Would this combination of four keys to our computer screen stop temporarily black will appear for two seconds.And after hearing the beep on donned our ear phones, will return the screen to operate.This command is completely safe, and will not closeAny program or you will lose any work to do on the computer.This is very important, since it is possible that the computer stops working when we're dealing with something very valuable.In fact it can be implemented even during play and won't closeThe games that we play.This command works in Windows on computers with NVIDIA graphics cards or AMD or Intel, among other commands that we experience in suspended stateThe computer's Ctrl Alt Delete or Shift Ctrl, classics Esc to open Task Manager directly.We can also try to change the program using Alt Tab or Win Tab, or to change the desktop version using Ctrl Win right arrow button.

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