May 8, 2018

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Are dangerous ship a Smartphone does not support fast fast charger charging?

Are dangerous ship a Smartphone does not support fast fast charger charging?

New smart phones in the marketAlways offer improvements are trying to be better than its competitors, including better processor, and a larger amount of RAM-RAM, a better camera and other similar features where every company is trying to be number one in sales, however, over the years we see that the size of the batteries hardly varies, but late Highlight themselves in the field of corporate thahaoll every now and then launchNew method for fast shipping.Usually refers to any phone we bought that contains fast shipping, but the truth is that there are different versions of this type of charger, each with its own characteristics, so you may wonder, is there any problem in our Smartphone shipping with the latest generation charger? Answer this question in this post.Although the rapid charger is capable of providing more energy and is capable of charging a battery compatible with great speed, the truth is that it would not use its full potential if you are trying to load does not accept phone and didn't come with fast shipping.In other words, shipping speed will be highlighted in this case with a Smartphone and not by the shipper, so regardless of how strong the shipper, the Smartphone will refer to the type and amount of current it needs.Thus, it is possible to use an old phone to a new charger and fast, and will not notice any improvement in speed for freight damage, no problem too, so we can use it if necessary.

Ship a Smartphone new old charger

In this case it will be evolving Smartphone and merged with fast shipping feature ready to accept more cargo and thus to fully charge a battery in less time and not the shipper, so in this case the same thing happens as in the previous point but mirrored, meaning that the charger will provide maximum capacity, but this will be a reduction of Fast freight capacity which could reach Smartphone.In other words, in this case, the shipping speed is highlighted by the shipper himself, because regardless of the amount required by a modern Smartphone shipping speed, the charger will work 100% ratio would not give more than they have.In this case, so while the phone supports fast shipping it with old shipper we will see that our Smartphone may takeHours to complete the download, so that less quickly than expected, and probably seeing a rise in temperature of the charger (according to quality), but the implementation of this practice does not pose a threat to our Smartphone, along with lack of having when you leave the phone with the old charger for hours connected to the stream.Bottom line, of course, the best scenario is charging each phone has its own charger, but if that is not possible and you need a shipment, you can charge a smart phone old new charger and fast, as well as a modern Smartphone with an old charger fast charger, in the first case you will see how charging for a long time and for a few hours, While in the second case, you will not notice a difference after charging the phone with an old or new charger.

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