May 8, 2018

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Google Announces New Things Android OS

Google Announces New Things Android OS

You don't want to Google Google kicks pending I/O that starts tomorrow, today announced Things Android 1.0, is its own operating system for IoT devices (Internet of things).And among them we find smart devices such as speakers or monitors or security cameras.This system is derivedBrillo project, OS announced in 2016.However, Google has decided to rename the Android 1.0 Things because they want the developers to take advantage of prior knowledge and tools they already have on Android.So thanks, if application developer already knows how to work on Android, you can do it in the operating system that you want to Google from manufacturers to focus on products and not to operating system.Seventeen months where the Brillo, now known as Android Things under development, continued to support learning and development group, Google's Android Assistant Oreo chipset chipset with 4G, where Google has launched a number of preview copies, which it said were downloaded 100,000 Once again.

Google Announces New Things Android OS

To facilitate updates on limited hardware, Google announced that this new system became supports four units dedicated to Internet bodies stuff, are of Mediatek, Qualcomm or platforms such as Qualcomm and Qualcomm SDA212 SDA624 and MediaTek MT8516, plus i.MX8M NXP.The support of these units is three years as a guarantee for the continued manufacture and support at the programme level, and will facilitate the launchPrototypes of the marketWhere we will see Things Android 1.0 system in a number of products that will put on the marketSoon, including smart speakers from LG and iHome, a number of smart screens from LENOVO, LG and others.

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