May 8, 2018

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Many problems in the last update April 30 for Windows 10 infuriated users

Many problems in the last update April 30 for Windows 10 infuriated users

Windows Update started 10 April 2018 to reach users on April 30.But as usual in this type of updates while the Windows Update window appears automatically in Windows Control Panel, but not available to everyone.So some users to update as soon as possible to download the ISO file from Microsoft servers then follow the manual installation to get the latest update for Windows CD 10.And those users who are having trouble disabling explorer.exe on their computers.
After Windows atalakthadith 10 April 2018 a few days ago, started to show the first problems resulting from this update.In the Microsoft forums there were letters to some users alert on failures during the installation of the update, but now a new problem began to appear as some users suffer from constant crashes for explorer.exe, and this appIs Windows Explorer itself and is essential for Windows system but also for other things like start menu for example.There are many Internet forums where users post their disappointment and anger of the problems presented by the version released to the public on April 30, in addition to the explorer.exe crash problem, the majority of complaints from users that revolve around Chrome browser problems, gathering Hand and blocking browser for no apparent reason.In the support forums on Reddit, also said a group of users to update to Windows 10 April 2018 Update is causing problems with your computer's performance when downloading video games, Microsoft is currently working on solving these problems and where they are expected to launchNew update quickly to get over it.

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