Jun 6, 2018

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Discover the secret behind strange ugly shape of dark websites how to get into it

Discover the secret behind strange ugly shape of dark websites how to get into itSurely you noticed the difference between a common sites in the Internet and the other in the dark online, so if you entered now into the dark online you'll find yourself surfing the Internet as if you were in the nineties of the last century.So why is this difference.Don't get a lot of sites on the Internet's dark on a large number of visits, compared with clearnet sites, so make them look pretty is not a priority for owners of these sites.Another reason, he may not have the same browser support for certain languages.A lot of things don't work, such as JavaScript and other confining rely here on the HTML language, (especially if NoScript enabled) this is the extension that prohibits scripts on all websites, but if you let them, if it seems unusual.In addition, I think that a lot of sites with low visitor numbers are created by people who have no experience entrance, so don't expect a lot of software tools.Some known sites on the Internet, such as labour marketAlphaBay and some popular forums, with "prettier" interfaces.Likely it was made by more experienced programmers.Synopsis: these sites have very few visitors and thus achieveVery little profit.Because of the low traffic site owners decide it would not be a good investment to pay a Web Designer to make the interface better, and therefore continue to use regular html encoded.

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