Jul 18, 2018

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Leaked passwords to a huge number of MEGA user accounts and quickly changed your password

Leaked passwords to a huge number of MEGA user accounts and quickly changed your password

Today's security breaches are something that does not go through one month without a significant leak of user data. In this case, the problem now affects Mega, the basic file storage platform in the cloud founded by Kim Dotcom after the closure of Megaupload, where 15,500 users and passwords were leaked, so it is necessary to change your credentials as soon as possible.
Last week, some users complained that they had security problems with their Mega accounts, watched how users from other countries had access to their accounts, and sent them an e-mail message stating they had detected suspicious activity in the account.
Patrick Wardle, the co-founder of Digita Security, last June found a Vietnam-uploaded text file on VirusTotal's malware analysis page a few months ago. This file contains 15,500 user entries, passwords, and user files in Mega.
Wardle sent this data to ZDNet, which in turn verified that the data was genuine after contacting some affected users. Five of them confirmed that they used the same password for other services in Mega. In return, ZDNet sent the data to Troy Hunt, which manages Have I Been Pwned, to verify whether that data was already filtered.
Accounts have been accessed from several countries around the world, possibly due to VPN usage. Some countries include Eastern Europe, Russia and Latin America. In one account, ZDNet found malicious material downloaded to the children and proceeded to inform the authorities about it.

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