Aug 23, 2018

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Dangerous! researchers at cyber security warn Fortnite game download from external links

Dangerous! researchers at cyber security warn Fortnite game download from external links

Of external links and a high probability that your hackInformation security researchers warned Fortnite "lookout" for electronic security risk download game Fortnite famous foreign links for Android system.Where researchers Adam Bauer, Christoph hibisin to download Android game Fortnite recently released a Smartphone would be at risk of malware infection due to company Epic Games and game owners have decided to make this game on the official website instead of the Google store. Bly, about two weeks ago from the release date as the ceo of Epic Games Tim Sweeney, that version of the game will be available only for installation on the Web.
Dangerous! researchers at cyber security warn Fortnite game download from external links

A Fortnite game is the most popular games and download regularly worldwide Android version was released for the game last week and once Sweeney announced the availability of the applicationAt least seven sites but researchers warn that all of these sites are really not and promote integrated game with breakthrough softwareMalicious and have created specifically for phishing and hackingTheir specialist advised to download the game only from the official site of Epic Games.However, it is surprising that Epic Games company decided to get rid of the Google store, which is a trusted global store to download software and applications it through the game through its website, Epic Games company aims to keep 30% of profits earned by Google if The game is hosted on Google store company Bligh Sweeney to maintain 30% revenue share is important for games but not suitable for applications.
So download this game from other platforms poses many risks, despite the fact that the game is free from malware, download a copy altnzilon may have unintentionally copied site so it's not difficult to cybercriminals create visible shots a minute Epic electro Games site NI to target the innocent players as there are-blazing another problem is that when you install the game asks users disable safety feature Android and that you protect your computer from malicious software.Seven sites have been evaluated by security researchers at Lookout with great skill which included that phrase in their titles Fortnite term landing page was identical to the official Epic Games Web site have claimed each site to submit an original version of the game but yet the All these Web sites distribute malware and harmful

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