Nov 15, 2018

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How to read the content restricted by "Paywall" for free

How to read the content restricted by "Paywall" for free

Paywall is "wall" prevents users from accessing restricted content on different Web pages, it is a means adopted by websites in order to increase her will. Bypass Paywalls are adding Firefox were designed to overcome the Paywall (you won't have to log in or sign up).Read full articles in major global sites like Quora, New York Times.Free of charge.

What is the wall of the paywall? There are several types of "paywall." there are those who ask the reader to sign up or log in to access restricted content (whether free or driven).Vulnerable payment software (payered paywall) the user content is free for reading, without having to subscribe.And if the content is interesting, paywall allows you to access restricted content throughSubscription. then, there is a wall or wall data survey, which allows us access to Web site content.For example, to answer a questionnaire questions.There is also a tool for forcing users to share Web page content on social networks.But for all the tools to overcome these restrictions.
How to read the content restricted by "Paywall" for free

Bypass Paywalls is very easy to use once installed in Firefox, as well as the inclusion of all the Web pages that you Bypass the Paywalls remove posted and made available to you for free.Through the settings, you can clear the pages or sites that do not use.

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