Feb 1, 2019

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How to become a professional in the field of e-marketing

How to become a professional in the field of e-marketing

We have learned that planning is the foundation of every successful business. The right planning is the reason for success in any business of any kind. Previously I wrote his article entitled (Internet Success Plan), where you talked about the right and logical planning to build your business online.
Most people come with their problems in the e-marketing part of their sites. Here, God willing, I will talk about this important part, understand the right way and plan it perfectly.
Marketing the site in general means that your site (link to your site) in places frequented by visitors constantly, and to enter your site ... If you think with me for a moment... When you surf the Internet, how do you enter websites? What are the ways you enter sites? Where to go when you open your internet browser ??
Really .. Think with me, for me, the ways to enter the sites are known:
Open Emily Vajd email I like opening it and click on the link
Enter the search engine and type a specific word and show me the results and enter some of them
Type the URL directly into your browser and enter it
I am inside a certain site and find links to other sites I like and enter
Are there other ways ??? Even if there is another way that will be within these methods.
Think of it this way, how I will make my site appear in front of those who browse the Internet to become visitors ... and then become my client because the ultimate goal of our site is the profit from the Internet, not the electronic marketing of the site... Is not it ??
Here comes the planning of the electronic marketing of your site, and you must understand something important ... There is no human who can count you all marketing methods, they are countless ... And this is the beauty of marketing, you can a small idea to turn it into a machine visitors come to your site .. much What others ask me are the correct marketing methods... All methods are true, any process that brings a visitor to you is a valid process .. Even if it is illegal 🙂 ... Did not come to visit ?? If it works.
The process of marketing planning means that you know who enters your site, you choose them carefully .. You do not want just numbers, but you want numbers .. profits .. Money, so planning is based on the way you work and the way you profit from it depends on... As I mentioned in his previous article about (how many visitors you need to win $ 100), what is important is the result, not the number of visitors.
After I know the ways in which any user enters the Internet to the Internet sites, now ... What do I do ??
thought !!!! Yes, just sit down and think, where do I put my site to appear to the people I want to come to ???
OK …
If my visitor will enter the search engine .. If:
 Research is good to know the words that the visitor is looking for
 Seo is strong internal and external to overcome who competes with me on that visitor
Put PPC advertising in search engine programs like Google Adwords
If my visitor will enter from his email .. If:
Good marketing via email...
Put email format to attract emails and put them in the list... (GetResponse)
If my visitor will enter and write the address of my site directly .. If:
I write exclusive content .. wonderful .. very useful for my visit
I marked the site of Online .. Business card, brochures, T-shirts, ads
Of course, it took time for my site to become so famous
If my visitors find my link in other sites .. If:
Go to forums, blogs, social networks, video sites (such as YouTube) Any site (specialist) where you find the interaction between members and share my thoughts and interests with the status of my link always
I rent an ad space (banner) in one of the specialized sites full of targeted visitors
  I put paid ads on websites that help me find my buzz ... like Facebook side ads
E-marketing is very important, but the way to implement it is the problem... The methods that you mentioned in general, and contain many inside and many ways too, and this means that you did not and can not implement all... Because it will take all your time, so it is important that You find out who does some things for you, pay him to do his job and you are also doing your work .. so be effective marketing, fast .. to overcome others.
Some marketing methods:
Write exclusive content
Article directories
Forums and social networks
Video sites such as YouTube
Exchange of links between sites
E-books (write a good book and put your links) and upload it in the books sites
Put your site link in your email
Comment in Blogging
Write in other specialized blogs

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